Get 10 Million Free from NEO Bank!

Get 10 Million Free from NEO Bank!

BNC - Neo Commerce Bank is an innovation in financial technology that offers branchless digital banking services. Neobank does not have a physical form as bank services in general, but neobank is fully online.

Neobank targets tech-savvy customers who don't mind doing most of their financial management via a mobile app.

How Neobank Works

Neobank uses an application that can be downloaded into the user's smartphone. For those who are familiar with technology, neobank accounts are easy to set up and have quick access. All neobank services can be used without requiring users to sign any physical documents. In other words, users simply register themselves for bank services through the application and everything can be obtained.

Several neobanks, which are currently operating in several countries, allow users to link conventional bank accounts to neobanks so that users can enjoy the best features of both banks.

Neobank offers banking services similar to conventional banks in general, although limited. These services include:

  • Savings and deposit accounts
  • Payment and money transfer services
  • Financial planning services (shopping posts, arranging scheduled transfers, etc.)

In terms of banking system security, there is no need to worry about using neobank. Like conventional banks, this new digital bank offers the same level of security.

Neobank Advantages

  • Higher interest rates and lower service fees

    Because neobank operates without using branches, operational costs can be reduced and replaced with lower admin and transaction fees compared to existing traditional banks. In addition, with neobank's business model that does not require staff to run branches, neobanks can offer higher interest rates.

  • User-friendly interface

    Neobank places great importance on user experience in product development, so a user-friendly display is an important concern for neobank. Supported by sophisticated technology, neobank prioritizes a neat appearance, easy for users to understand, and spoils the eyes of its users.

  • Unique security for each user

    In addition to an eye-catching and user-friendly appearance, neobanks in general are also equipped with face-id and biometrics to login and authorize transactions. With this biometrics feature, it will be easier for users to carry out various transactions and have very secure security. If the device cannot read the face or fingerprint of a registered user, the user cannot enter the application, let alone make transactions.

  • Easy and fast process

    Neobank allows its users to perform all banking activities through the smartphone application. With its technological advantages, all transactions and payments will appear on the application display and updated at any time. This certainly makes it easier for customers to manage finances better. For neobanks that offer loans, the time-consuming loan application process can be shortened so that prospective debtors can get funds faster.

Difference between Neo Bank and Digital Bank

In Indonesia, there are already many digital banks. Although the descriptions of digital banks and neobanks have almost the same meaning, there are quite striking differences between the two.

Digital banking usually refers to the larger players in the banking industry that provide financial services in the traditional way. In other words, digital bank services are basically attached to the parent bank which is a conventional bank (for example, BTPN Jenius which is attached to the National Pension Savings Bank, or Digibank which is attached to DBS Bank).

Neobank can be said to be 100% digital and is a separate entity from existing traditional banking, whether large or small.

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